Thursday, March 08, 2007

Low-fat diets and paternalism

I like John Tierney. He is a good writer with a strong libertarian bent. When he was on the NY Times op-ed page his articles were a refreshing break from the collectivist drivel that inhabits that paper. Now his science blog is daily stop on my blog surfing. I say all this because the questions he asks at the end of this blog post have me confused.

He asks "Why did the federal government ever think it could determine the best diet for everyone in America? And why should it keep on dispensing advice?" So my question to Tierney is why would he think that the federal government would do otherwise considering its paternalistic track record?

At least the dietary recommendations are just that, recommendations. The more onerous problem is that government thinks it can best determine our retirement, and taxes us for the "service."

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