Monday, July 23, 2007

'No Fluff' weekend

This past weekend I attended the "No Fluff Just Stuff" Symposium's Raleigh tour stop - a two-and-a-half day geek fest that was both fun and mentally exhausting. The symposium consisted of eleven sessions that were roughly arranged into tracks that focused on Groovy, Java performance tips, Agile development methodologies, and client-side programming. Attendees did not have to keep to any one track throughout the weekend, and in fact, it was probably more enjoyable if you didn't.

I don't consider myself a "true" geek because I don't live and breathe technology (as you can probably tell from my other blog posts); but I am a software engineer (and have for nearly 15 years), and this event was a great way for me to keep up with technology trends. It was also a good place to network with other people in the area unless, of course, you are anti-social like me (maybe I am a "true" geek).

In subsequent posts I will give my thoughts on each session individually. As much as I liked the event overall, there were sessions that I felt were of dubious value. Stay tuned!

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