Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reign over me (cont.)

I sent the following to the Raleigh News & Observer
In your editorial "No dynasty needed," you quote Warren Buffett as saying that "the resources of society I don't think should pass along in an aristocratic dynasty of wealth." This you use to help make your case for keeping the estate tax.

If we are truly concerned about "aristocratic dynasties," however, why not go after the more harmful dynasty of power? Let's amend the Constitution so that family members of former elected officials are prevented from taking their relatives' former seat - a growing phenomenon with regards to Congressional seats. It is possible, after all, that by the year 2017 the presidency will have been in control of two families for nearly 30 years. Why is that less troubling than someone handing down rightfully acquired wealth to his heirs?

We easily violate property rights to prevent so-called "dynasties." Why should we let eligibility requirements for political candidates stand in our way?

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