Thursday, February 21, 2008


  • There is a potty joke here somewhere, but I'll leave it at just being really neat
  • This is an interesting dilemma. Should you be able to sue the company that made the defective product? Or should you be able to sue the institution that said the product was safe?
  • I thought secession was bad??
  • This is just disturbing
  • It's funny (read tragic) what government will do to make sure data align with a political agenda. Or what individuals have to put up with to serve that political agenda.
  • The Nordic miracle isn't so miraculous
  • The good old days are now
  • Power seeking scoundrels can't let family ties stand in the way, can they?
  • Let me guess, in a hundred years we will be complaining about how man is destroying the planet by taking CO2 out of the atmosphere. Seriously though, this is why we need to resist those who call for wealth destruction as a way to solve climate problems. Climate change is an engineering problem that can only be solved with increasing wealth.

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