Wednesday, January 07, 2009

No Herbert Hoovers

Paul Krugman, in his quest to justify increased government spending, claims that “the nation will be reeling from the actions of 50 Herbert Hoovers — state governors who are slashing spending in a time of recession, often at the expense both of their most vulnerable constituents and of the nation’s economic future.” This statement, however, is deceptive because every year of the Hoover administration saw an increase in federal spending.

One program, in particular, that the Hoover administration created was the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. The RFC gave billions of dollars in aid to state and local governments, banks, railroads, farms, and other businesses. It also provided funds for public works projects.

Now, it is true that Hoover attempted to balance the budget, but he did so by raising taxes. Claiming that he “slashed spending” is deceptive, and coming from Paul Krugman, it is most likely purposefully deceptive.

HT: Steve Horwitz

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