Wednesday, March 02, 2016


  • An open-source alternative to Android Wear OS
  • Wonderful piece, great player
  • Pirates of the 21st Century!
  • Help Wanted for hackers - "Some groups also offer incentives for new talent, such as promising fame and notoriety, profit-sharing, and travel expenses."
  •  How to make good decisions? Don't ignore the base rate.
  •  FBI's Tor hack shows the risk of subpoenas to security researchers - "If you're a researcher, you need to think: Am I going to get subpoenaed here? Should I be gathering this information and risking putting it into the wild?"

Oh, God! a lipogram in O by William Dupre
Oh! To know God’s blood,
Don’t brood on school’s rot
Or cool to Mom’s cocoon -
Stomp on roots of doom!

Look to books for food
To stop torpor’s hoofs.
Don boots to crook cons
Or to loot God’s boon.

Go now! Look how blooms
Took to soot on sod
On footholds of foo
To grow food for fools!

Pirate Ship image courtesy of EricaMaxine Price at Fine Art America

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