Wednesday, March 16, 2016


And so it begins. "Seems like Google's RankBrain AI is a Skynet in making because even the engineers working on it are unable to understand it."

Labor markets are hampered by occupational licensing laws. "Lower rates of worker mobility mean that workers are misallocated across the states in a similar way that price controls or discrimination misallocate resources and reduce total wealth. Lower rates of workforce mobility also increase the persistence of unemployment."

Terrorism becomes an opportunity. "[D]omestic law enforcement officials now have access to huge troves of American communications, obtained without warrants, that they can use to put people in cages. FBI agents don't need to have any 'national security' related reason to plug your name, email address, phone number, or other 'selector' into the NSA’s gargantuan data trove."

Don't piss of chess geeks they might pull out the DDoS gambit.

Music is always a social experience. "[R]ecent looks at the evolution and neurology of music suggest we are not waltzing by ourselves. Musical experiences are inherently social, scientists tell us, even when they happen in private. When we listen alone, we feel together."

Step 1 - stop sustaining criminal elites. "[A]dopting the rule of law is complex. A country needs to enact an immense number of rules. Crafting and enforcing those rules requires cooperation among legislatures, ministries, departments of ministries, the judiciary, local governments and more. At each stage, defenders of the status quo can sabotage or twist the effort to their advantage."

Path Dependent by William Dupre
Ask me where it is
I will say “The flow seems to take me there.”

I am an accumulation of lost experiences
Bridging a dependent path to others of me
Experiencing what again will be lost.

What parallels of me exist?
When did I become me?

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