Sunday, August 05, 2007

NFJS: A couple of disappointments

I want to discuss two sessions during the weekend of "No Fluff, Just Stuff" that I found disappointing: Domain Driven Design (DDD): Simplifying Enterprise Architecture with Ramnivas Laddad and The Zen of REST with Scott Davis. DDD was so disappointing, in fact, that I had to leave 45 minutes into the session.

Part of the problem with the DDD session was that the subject matter dealt with nothing new. The session description reads as follows
"[DDD] recommends dealing with complex software system[s] using a domain model and preserving the model through implementation."
I guess I should have gotten a clue after reading this description, but sitting in the session made me feel like I was reading James Rumbaugh's Object Oriented Modeling and Design book all over again (remember, the one that competed with Grady Booch's book). Maybe the second half of the session had some more punch to it, but I doubt it.

The other problem with this session was that Ramnivas was not an inspiring speaker. As soon as it started I could tell it was going to be a dreadful session. He seemed like a knowledgeable enough fellow, but his speaking style was way too monotone.

"The Zen of REST" was a little better (I actually stayed the entire time), but I was disappointed because it also told me nothing new. Scott spent a lot of time showing us what Yahoo! is doing with REST, which is OK I guess, but I didn't feel any zen from this type of presentation. I am not sure exactly what I was looking for in this session, but my understanding going into it was not enhanced when I left.

Would I recommend either of these sessions? "The Zen of REST" maybe. It at least had some good live examples. DDD, however, would only be useful for someone just starting out in software design.

Next up: How to build a team...maybe.

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